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What we do

What we do

ScanTech Offshore equipment

ScanTech Offshore take pride in delivering fully integrated well test support services to our clients on a global scale.

We provide an impressive range of rental equipment including air compressors, steam generators and rig cooling services, as well as designing, installing and commissioning bespoke heat suppression safety systems.

Our remit extends to the provision of qualified and competent personnel for the operating, servicing and maintenance of all rental equipment, affording clients the highest standards of quality and safety for operations. ScanTech Offshore products are delivered worldwide from our key locations in the UK (Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth) and Western Australia (Perth).

As a market leader in the field of well test support, we are committed to providing enhanced value to our customers by tailoring our specialist skills and engineering capabilities to their precise requirements.  ScanTech Offshore is a pioneer in designing innovative and technical solutions that meet or exceed regulatory, quality and safety standards.

ScanTech Offshore's mission statement:

ScanTech's vision is to become the highest quality and lowest cost service provider of first choice for well test support globally.

ScanTech's core purpose is to improve the profitability of our customers through outstanding services in equipment service and personnel provision.


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