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ScanTech Offshore provides well test support services.

Well testing is a common procedure within the oil and gas sector.  The process involves bringing reservoir fluids to the surface within a controlled environment to establish the likely properties, pressure, temperature and any impurities within a well.

The dangers of well testing are widely acknowledged, however ScanTech Offshore is a known expert within the field whose sole purpose is to heighten safety and efficiency during the well flowing process. ScanTech Offshore's senior management have hands on well testing backgrounds, affording clients the security of knowing they are in safe hands, receiving expert advice and support.

Having rapidly become recognised as market leaders for offshore and well test support services, ScanTech Offshore is renowned globally for its understanding of customer requirements, highly qualified multi-tasking personnel and the safety and quality control standards employed throughout its operations.

ScanTech Offshore is proud to supply products and services to support and protect offshore installations during well test operations worldwide, including high volume air compressors, steam generators, heat suppression systems and fire fighting equipment.



For reassurance, contact ScanTech Offshore and let us make the difference for your well test support.


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