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ScanTech Offshore has the largest and most modern fleet of rigsafe and Zone II air compressors specifically dedicated to well testing applications, on and offshore.

The majority of today's well test burners rely on compressed air as the propellant to provide the energy to atomise the well fluid in preparation for combustion. The drive for continuous environmental improvements has increased compressed air demand three-fold.

High flow rate projects regularly require in excess of 6,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of duty air, to facilitate the environmental burning specification.  With redundancy air factored in, the installed capacity of 8,000cfm can be a sizable spread.

Today, ScanTech Offshore has the world's largest fleets of 1600cfm Zone II and Rig-Safe air compressors in a containerised, stackable design, to free up your deck space and allow a reduction in costly management bandwidth.  Engineering to operate in arctic or tropical climates, our compressors provide reliability and high performance for your service anywhere. 

ScanTech Offshore's air compressor benefits


Zone II  Air Compressors

Why choose Zone II air compressors?

Catastrophic results of gas migration into 'safe areas' has caused loss of life and made disturbing headlines in recent years.  Invaluable in the event of uncontrolled Hydrocarbon release, Zone II compressors comply with Certifying Authority guidelines and exceed API AR 14C & API RP 500 well testing recommendations.  There are no guarantees that an accidental gas or hydrocarbon release will follow the path of gas dispersal studies, and our advice to specify Zone II compressors wherever appropriate. 

Reducing those risks to as low as reasonably practical (ALARP) is why eminent operating companies are increasingly specifying the use of Zone II equipment for well testing.  With propriety protection and surface temperatures less than 200 degrees centigrade, potential sources of ignition are minimized. Supporting our customers demand we have built a proven fleet of 1600cfm Zone II air compressors, designed and modernised specifically for well testing. 





Rig-Safe  Air Compressors

What's the difference with Rig-Safe compressors? 

From a safety perspective, Rig-Safe air compressors have many more potential sources for ignition and our advice is that they should only be specified for areas that can be guaranteed as permanently non-hazardous.  Exhaust surfaces and gas temperatures can exceed 600 degrees centigrade, which is well above the auto-ignition point of most flammable gases.  Engine inlet and exhaust gas flame arrestors are not required and this presents two paths for potential flame transmissions.

Our Rig-Safe range of compressors are designed and built to offer the same service delivery benefits.  They are containerised, deliver the highest air output in the smallest footprint and can be operated safety in a stacked configuration. Operating the largest fleet of 1300cfm & 1600cfm Rig-Safe compressors, we offer the best in availability, serviceability and deliverability. 







ScanTech Offshore provides an extensive range of high quality ancillary items ranging from diverter manifolds, safety fittings and hoses. Every flexible hose, whether it is an integral part of rotating machinery or for delivering air and steam for well testing processes, is covered by our unique flexible hose management system. All flexible hoses conform to UKOOA FHA management guidelines, BFPA P47, ISO 8331 and HSE GS4 specifications assuring the highest levels of safety.


For reassurance, contact ScanTech Offshore and let us make the difference for your well test support.


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