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The Inspiration for the development of this product was born from repeated customer requests. Needing to provide early warning of heat exchanger process coil failures, we set about designing a robust solution. Design philosophy and process is protected by International Patent.

HeaterSentry® installed between the heat exchanger and return line to the steam generator, detects and mitigates to As Low As Reasonably Practical the risks of hydrocarbon contamination of the boiler and surrounding areas.

The HeaterSentry consists of mainly two components: A steam driven pump/trap and a hydrocarbon detection module. 

The Hydrocarbon detector continuously samples the steam condensate returns line for contamination and alerts the operator both visually and audibly if oil is present, as well as stopping the flow of condensate to the boiler feed water tank.

The system is considered an essential early warning system to well test heat exchanger coil failure.


HeaterSentry® benefits

HeaterSentry® safely detects hydrocarbons in condensed water from heat exchangers and conserves
85% of potable water by pumping hot water back to the steam generator. 


Following industry events and safety concerns, it has become common practice during well testing to
route the hot water returns from the well test heat exchangers over-board to prevent well test fluids
returning to the steam generator in an upset condition.


This compact unit is compliant with DNV 2.7-2, will not exceed a surface temperature of 200°C and
provides early warning of heater tube failure, protecting assets from hydrocarbon contamination and
dangerous failure.

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